“We are the same”.. he said

It was a rainy day.. Both of their favourites..

The sky seemed to shower love on them.. And they both loved getting drenched..

Standing on the opposite sides of the road,

Their eyes met.. His eyes dazzled and she blushed.. Love had the magic you know..
It seemed all the same.. The same people the same road the same rain and the same day.. Just a lapse of 10 years..

They met again on the day they parted..
While he crossed the road with a lot of excitement.. She recollected that day when he was anxious to cross the road but to hold someone else’s hand..
Days have passed.. Time has healed the pain.. “we are the same”, he said..

She smiled, as he insisted in holding her hand.. She realised, he didn’t change, neither did his touch.. He was all the same..

But there was something that seemed different.
The change had set in with time..

She had changed.. And with her, changed the meaning of love.. She no more looked forward to what he was.. She had crossed miles of fear and uncertainty that made her something she never was..

That touch was similar but the feel wasn’t.. it didn’t soothe her anymore..

She smiled..

she could feel her happiness.. that she derived from her own self.. he wasn’t a reason anymore..


My dear beautiful lady..

My dear beautiful lady.. Don’t settle for less..
Not for anything lesser than you deserve..

Let yourself free from the barriers that bind you..

Don’t let anyone else judge your proximities..

Define your own goals..

Determine your own journey..

Don’t settle for a job that will not give you your desired career..

Don’t settle for a house which doesn’t make you feel you are at home..

Don’t settle for friendships that threaten your inner peace..

Don’t settle for people who judge your character..

Don’t settle for a guy who hinders your growth, cuts your wings and nullifies your existence.. That is not true love..
Please don’t settle down for anything less than you deserve..

If you think you deserve a prince, you probably do..


The hidden truth

My love for you will be like a hidden truth..

A truth I am quite eager to say.. But I know I won’t..

I wish to let no one know..

Not unless you read it in my eyes..

I know all that you see in me is the friend you can share everything with.. Your stories, your days, your lunch, your moods and your bed..

I know when you walk out of the bed.. You walk away with an empty mind.. This removes the wrinkles on your forehead, I know it gets you peace.. You know what, I absorb all that in me to let you be in solace..

Every such night is all that I treasure in me.. My heart knows it well.. I have learnt your breath.. I know the rhythm.. Ur heartbeat makes my heart beat.. Ur smell is what i carry to work everyday..

I love you to the core of my heart..

I assure you tear it apart..

All that you will find is yourself..

Ruling my heart controlling my breath..

But I won’t speak of my love, because I love you my dear friend..

Not unless you read it in my eyes..

Tonight !

Tonight, she will sleep again with the dreams of you in her eyes..

She knows you are the dream that keeps her alive.. The dream that makes her sleep, the dream that wakes her up..

You are the one throughout her mind.. She talks to you millions of times, tells you everything to the content of her heart.. She keeps your image safe in her eyes.. You have become a reflection of all her mind..

She waits for a time when you will be more than the reflection.. The moment you will come out of her thoughts and hug her tight.. The moment she will know that she can rest.. You know she has been standing strong for long a while.. You are the only arms in which she can melt.. You are the only heart where she wants to stay.. Your Touch is what she craves for.. You are the one who she will let her close.. Once and for all.. She won’t let you go..

You are the one to whom she will let the control be.. She will want the night to be more than just a night.. She just wishes to hold you tight.. For this night she had waited long..

Let her know that you are here.. Let her open her eyes to find you there..

Know this guy.. She will never let you go.. She can never let you go.. You are all that she wants.. You are all that she has..

For tonight, she will sleep again with the dreams of you in her eyes..